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A commitment to provide all students with the necessary skills to thrive as 21st century learners, workers, and citizens.

Kellam High of Virginia Beach

State Champions:  Girls Volleyball 2012, '11, '10, Boys Golf 2010, Gymnastics 2013, '10, '06, '94, Softball 2007, Girls Soccer 2005
The Knights
2665 West Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, Main Phone: (757)648-5100| Guidance:(757)648-5111 | Clinic:(757)648-5107| FAX:(757)648-5133
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Email JobTitle
Eriks A. Apelis ([email protected] ) Science Teacher
Mallory Apelis ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Melanie R. Baja ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Cameron B. Baker ([email protected]) Band Instructor
Mary Banks ([email protected]) Athletic Trainer
Bowen Beacham ([email protected]) Guidance Counselor
Michael R. Benzel ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Bruce Biehl ([email protected]) Principal
Jo H. Blackmon ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Sonny Blackmon ([email protected]) Drivers Ed Teacher
Shannon Blanco ([email protected]) Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher
Scott Bradshaw ([email protected]) German Teacher
Kathy B. Brasington ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Sherri Brooks ([email protected]) Assistant Principal
George Brown ([email protected]) Techonology Education Teacher
Monte E. Bryant ([email protected]) Guidance Counselor
Nicole Calma ([email protected])
Guidance Counselor
Hope Caraballo ([email protected]) French Teacher
Jana Cardone ([email protected]) Bookkeeper
Jaimie R. Clougher Carleo ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Jeffrey Christman ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Linda Christman ([email protected]) Permanent Substitute
Matt Clark ([email protected]) Emotional Disturbance Teacher
Mark Clemente ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Kirsti Cohn ([email protected]) Spanish Teacher
Jason A. Copeland ([email protected]) Marketing Education Teacher
Robin Copeland ([email protected]) English Teacher
Carl A. Copon ([email protected]) Music - Vocal Teacher
Frank B. Cote ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Chantel Crayle ([email protected]) Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher
Frank Crayle ([email protected]) Permanent Substitute
Allen Crute ([email protected]) English Teacher
Karyn S. Denny ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Christopher J. Dewitt ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Michael A. Dewitt ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Stephanie Dildy ( Teacher Assistant
Connie A. Drago ([email protected]) Health & PE Teacher
Jennifer DuPont ([email protected]) Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher
Kimberly Eckert ([email protected]) Special Educationation Teacher
Michele B. Edwards  ([email protected]) Security Assistant
Veronica Ellis ([email protected]) School Office Associate II
Angie R. Evans ([email protected]) English Teacher
Anne E. Faircloth ([email protected]) English Teacher
Jonathan D. Fanning ([email protected]) Specific Learning Disabilities Teacher
Jenifer A. Felix ([email protected]) Spanish Teacher
Diana L. Ferebee ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Kevin Fravel ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Christopher J. Freeman ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Jennifer Gilson ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Linda K. Gunter ([email protected]) Cafeteria Manager II
Matthew B. Gutt ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Amanda Hansen ([email protected]) Guidance Director
Teresa L. Harrington ([email protected]) Work & Family Studies Teacher
Norm Hassell ([email protected]) Special Education Assistant
Christopher Henry ([email protected]) Science Teacher
Pamela V. Henry ([email protected]) English Teacher
Scott Hoffman ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Laura H. Howell ([email protected]) Computer Resource Specialist
Maritza B. Howell ([email protected]) Spanish Teacher
Jeff R. Hudson ([email protected]) Health & PE Teacher
Mary Jo Hulburt ([email protected]) Office Manager
Mario E. Hurdle ([email protected]) Health & PE Teacher
Tanya L. Irby ([email protected]) Clinic Assistant
Debra A. Jarvis ([email protected]) School Office Associate II (Attendance)
St. Clair Jones ([email protected]) Cross Category - ED/LD
Theresa M. Jones ([email protected]) Health & PE Teacher
Christopher W. Karvala ([email protected]) Day Treatment Teacher
Timothy F. Kennedy ([email protected]) Technology Education Teacher
Amy Knight ([email protected])
Guidance Counselor
Kathleen D. Lambert ([email protected]) Cross Category - ED/LD/MR
Kerri A. Land ([email protected]) Health & PE Teacher
Dorothy B. Laverdiere ([email protected]) Library Media Specialist
Lynn O. Leccese ([email protected]) Math Teacher
Shandora Lindsay  ([email protected]) Special Education Assistant
Frank J. Lipoli ([email protected]) Special Education Assistant
David J. Long ([email protected]) Computer Resource Specialist
Lisa M. Long ([email protected]) Schl Improvement Specialist
Damarie Lopez-Troche ([email protected]) Technology Education Teacher
Christine C. Maloney ([email protected]) Business Education Teacher
Susan K. Marsh ([email protected]) Latin Teacher
Sylvia Martin ([email protected]) Security Assistant
Anne S. Marzitello ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Reed Matthews ([email protected]) Music - Instrumental Teacher
Elizabeth McCallister ([email protected]) Distance Learning Assistant
Terri McCallister ([email protected]) Gifted Teacher
Abbie McGee ([email protected]) English Teacher
Mary McMurran ([email protected]) French Teacher
Terry H. McPherson ([email protected]) ISS Coordinator
Dominic A. Melito ([email protected]) VEA Vice-President/Social Studies Teacher
John M. Merritt ([email protected]) English / Teachers for Tomorrow Teacher
Cindy A. Miller ([email protected]) Marketing Education Teacher
Paula M. Miller ([email protected]) Work & Family Studies Teacher
Gracia A. Milo (GraciaA.Milo@[email protected]) Math Teacher
Ann Moore ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Cindy L. Moreno ([email protected]) Library Media Assistant
Beulah Morgan ( [email protected]) Cross Category - ED/LD/MR Teacher
B. J. Morrisette ([email protected]) Library Media Specialist
James B. Moxey ([email protected]) Student Activities Coord
Alison Napier ([email protected]) Spanish Teacher
Brian P. Neas ([email protected]) Social Studies Teacher
Michael O'Hara (Michael.O'[email protected]) Math Teacher
Deborah S. Orr ( School Office Associate II
Courtney Pace ( Science Teacher
Angela Parsons ( English Teacher
Laura Peters ( Art Teacher
Roberta E. Peters ( English Teacher
Carrie G. Pierce ( Assistant Principal
Freda Pohrivchak ( Russian Teacher
James L. Poole  ( Custodian I
Craig M. Powers ( Social Studies Teacher
Amy Pratt ( Work & Family Studies Teacher
Liz Quigley ( School Social Worker
Shana Remian ( English Teacher
Randolph W. Rivers ( Technology Education Teacher
Matthew J. Robbins ( Science Teacher
B. Rowan ( Social Studies Teacher
Patricia I. Rowan ( Social Studies Teacher
Bree Ruzzi ( Library Media Specialist
Kathy H. Sarosdy ( English Teacher
Linda H. Schwartz ( Reading Specialist
Sara Sheppard ( Cross Category - ED/LD Teacher
Rebecca Smith ( Math Teacher
Tamara G. Smith ( Drama Teacher
Felicia L. Spencer-Mercer ( Special Education Assistant
Katie Staples ( English Teacher
Deborah K. Strausbaugh ( Health & PE Teacher
L. Craig Sutherland ( Social Studies Teacher
John P. Swanson ( Social Studies Teacher
Lauren E. Thompson ( Science Teacher
Ralph A. Thorpe ( Custodian IV Head Day
William Torbush ( Business Education Teacher
Richard B.Trumble ( Assistant Principal
Kelly Turner ( English Teacher
Randolph Vance ( Security Assistant
Martha T. Vickers ( Science Teacher
Karen Ware ( School Nurse
Kenneth Warhola ( Science Teacher
Terri Weaver ( School Office Associate II
Robin Weber ( English Teacher
Jacqueline Whitehead ( Access Counselor
Phyllis N. Woodis  ( Custodian I
Christopher W. Worst ( Health & PE Teacher
Jennifer J. Worthley ( School Office Associate II (Guidance)
Elizabeth H. Young ( Work & Family Studies Teacher
Kenneth C. Zecchini ( Math Teacher

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